Thursday, October 19, 2017

Meinschaft - To the Victim Belong the Spoils

What do you hear? The pulsing environment channeled through absorbing minds, noise, a modern symphony, a multitude of musical genres compressed way to tightly, slowly exploding over forty minutes. Meinschaft resists compartmentalizing labels. Yes, to those cool individuals working at brick and mortar record stores, To the Victim Belong the Spoils is grinning at you. Your ok though, you know this composition goes in the cassette section. Sigh of relief.... but wait do we have a tape section?

A rare Tymbal Tapes release slipping through the cassette cracks, being still available. Was fifty copies to many? Fortunately the answer is not nearly enough. Meinschaft is just far enough out there. Resting comfortably under a shady tree, waiting for it's listeners to get there. Just to clarify, the two tracks Tymbal Tapes has up on bandcamp are the last two pieces on the flip side of the tape. There is a magnificent side A waiting to be heard. A tangled collage of musical eddies swirling with both power and faintness. These rotations tranquilize and sedate like the din of noise heard while standing in the center of a fair grounds. Every ride, every game, every place to eat, beckoning you with fixed sounds. Speech is heard, wavering from exact directions to no sense at all. The experience is energizing and mystically untouchable. But, To the Victim Belong the Spoils is real, tangible and ready to offer all the hidden sonic wonders within.

If you have bought cassettes from Tymbal Tapes and passed on this one, make sure you grab a copy on your next order. The last track on the cassette, "Who Did It" is one of the two available to listen. This is a really sweet track but also could be one of the most extreme. Meinschaft and Tymbal Tapes probably made "Who Did It" as a listening sample, smiling the entire time.

Meinschaft - facebook
Tymbal Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp

Bill Tucker – Balaboste

Focus, patience, talent and experience combine to make this somber guitar composition by Bill Tucker. Strings tuned reminiscent of the great acoustic guitar legends but have a more modern affiliation with comparisons like Amps for Christ and Flipper. Sounds that have rested in place forever, tucked away in times alcove. Pulled from dormancy and played at odds with the spectrum of cacophony the world currently embellishes.

Balaboste is a beautiful obtuse angle. Guitar notes climbing and weaving like vines along century old brick walls. Rooted and pot bound in a timeless genre, Bill Tucker cracks the terracotta and shows how guitar can be something totally new. These notes are weeds, growing from small cracks and crevices. Some may be offset by the intrusion into the the sacred clean spaces current music claims. Listen close, this stream of consciousness connecting old worlds with new, is a spark in the dusty emptiness. The resonance of Bill Tucker's picking plays in our current phase of existence conveying how delightful alterations can be.

Released on 1980 Records this summer. Not sure how many were made. Spiral was released at the same time and is a great companion to Balaboste. Both holding the guitar as ground but completely different in sonic flavor. 


1980 Records site - facebook
Bill Tucker site

Bill Tucker – Spiral

Sirens sounding for consciousnesses awakening. Like rain on slanted glass, directions change. Notes gently fall in a drone like sowing of seeds, the path appears, uplifted and slightly above the cathartic din. Bill Tucker makes spirits stretch between tranquility and acute awareness.

Spiral works very well as the title of this cassette. Four tracks arriving just under one half hour. A trance like quality, rhythmic stings played patiently over long time spans. Giving way to an almost willow wisp guide on the second track "You're A Good Person".  A pattern that seems hauntingly familiar and hearkens to a Tuulum Shimmering recording. This mutates and changes on the second side of this tape. "A Sound, A Carstic Form", approaches the periphery of the spiral and sound begin to scatter. Decaying industrial influence for processes no longer remembered. The last track, "I Am A Spiral", returns to the origins of the beginning. Only this time foregoing the longer build up as distorted acoustic guitar plays through a storm of circuitry wash.

Released on 1980 Records in an edition of unknown quantity. Bill Tucker shows a wide spectrum of talent on Spiral. With polar influences on either side, this composition covers the murky middle ground in very appealing fashion.


1980 Records site - facebook
Bill Tucker site

Dream Vacation - Exude Sorry

In the late hours of the night, stumbling through the front door of a noisy house. Claustrophobic within the crowded mass, sounds tumble through the decades. The fever of emotion is inescapable, amplified then delivered in strained acute angles, pounding percussion and menacingly focused vocals. If you had to pin point Dream Vacation, the late eighties might be the closest origin. Refined punk music with jangled edges, smashing through the sound spectrum to smoothly envelope all listeners.

Exude Sorry is a quickie. Six songs in under twenty minutes. The entire cassette has a very well balanced flow. Every track is potentially a favorite and this migrates with each listen. With each time trough the tape, a greater understanding emerges of how skilled and tight these musicians are. With the classic format of two guitars, bass, drums and vocals, these songs transcend the stellar music, bringing into light the struggles and torment every person encounters.

Released on the Personal Archives label in the front part of this year. In an edition of one hundred, copies are currently available from the labels bandcamp page.

Personal Archives site -  bandcamp

Friday, September 29, 2017

DJ DJ Tanner- ICE AT 1991

Eroded sounds from the past. Time has scorched these wavelengths. What was once tunes that stirred the world, now only amalgamated skeletons. As all things decompose exposing a new glorious beauty. More subtle than before, listening from a vantage point far away rather than at the moment of creation. With decades of mutations in creativity and style, these classics bubble to the surface, only to loose momentary viscosity, fizzling into the coils of Chronos once again.

 DJ DJ Tanner has composed two side long collages of warbeled expressions from past generations. The mix is stirred slowly, sometimes sounding like the vibrancy of the past is slowly coming to a stop. The most skilled mashing of old and new is where DJ DJ Tanner tremendously excels. Taking rhythms and seamlessly braiding long strands of sonic delight.  ICE AT 1991 flows smooth, holding past and present like marionettes swaying in perfect harmony. There are moments of nostalgia lapping the edge of future articulations. Excellent from start to finish.

ICE AT 1991 was released earlier this year and is currently available from the Personal Archives bandcamp site. DJ DJ Tanner has a more recent cassette release on Warm Gospel Tapes titled GOON. And brand new on 5CM Recordings a split with DJ DJ Tanner and Ross Wallace Chait. Be sure to check these out as well. Nothing will last! 

Personal Archives site -  bandcamp
DJ DJ Tanner - facebook - bandcamp

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Boron/Argon - Mirages

Surrounding all of us are chemical elements, in plain view or unseen until civilization's hands cultivate their use. Boron and Argon take sound shape here on this Tymbal Tapes release titled Mirages. Dan Nelson has taken both of these periodic table project names and delivered a most astounding sonic montage. From deep within the Earth's crust or in the atmosphere abundantly above, sounds gently and perfectly collide at mass consciousness level.

Mirages is an "almost" blank canvas for the mind. Each track neither black or white and always sparsely populated with broken lines or faint intricate patterns. As the aural landscape unfolds, each listener's imagination most willingly engages. Filling the vistas with thoughts provoked by the spirits connection with the tonal array. Lengthy journeys, changed in direction by seemingly short interludes, constitute the framework of Mirages. Like a court jester on a far away planet, Boron/Argon's goal is for amusement and wonder, but is never silly or frivolous. Delicacy stepping back and with the wave of a hat, ushering in it's droning and pulsating counterpart. Boron and Argon each taking stage, heavy vibrations disrupting an ethereal vacuum. Both assimilating into a new and undiscovered compound.

Released in May of this year on Tymbal Tapes in an edition of seventy five. Boron/Argon was part of the four cassette bundle in available in July. Every release on this labels sell out quickly, but fortunately Mirages is still available from the label's bandcamp page. Unfortunately the July bundle is not. Good news.... The Tymbal Tape recorders are heated up this year. A three cassette bundle just came out in September and is currently available. And.... A mid October batch is scheduled as well.

To solidify how good this tape is, read Ryan Masteller's write up on Tabs Out.  

Tymbal Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp

Desert Center - You, Unfamiliar

A small snowball begins tumbling down the mountainside. Rhythmic in motion, natural revolutions forced by gravity and molecular adhesion. Trees in the path disrupt this iconic picture, but only for a brief moment. Emerging again, intact and dancing down the slope. The cadence interrupted as the sphere takes flight, plunging from cliff side outcroppings. Drums beat in some majestic tribute, like the moment a ski jumper leaves earth. Almost quiet, the atmosphere the only friction, this journey is now in ambient fluidity. The peril of approaching density, earth and it's spawn connecting again, eventually dissolving like all existence.

Desert Center is a sonic heavy, filled with deep rumbling tones and introspective radiance. C.J. Boyd and John Horner both playing an assortment of bass and drums. You, Unfamiliar is two side long compositions totaling close to forty five minutes. Both sides run the complete course, beautiful gaits that crash to the ground, then slowly recovering in a dreamy daze. Extremely patient and controlled use of percussion and strings. Beautiful fluidity that never crest above the desired markers. Near the end of the second side titled "Rattletrap", the crescendo is subdued by a final flurry of bass and drums. You, Unfamiliar adheres to it's title, avoiding any real classifications, emerging on fresh ground.

C.J. Boyd and John Horner were recorded by Aaron Oppenheim and mastered by Andrew Weathers. Much love and experience going into entire process. The final product released on the Personal Archives label in the spring of 2017 in an edition of one hundred. Copies are available from the labels bandcamp page. Really listen to this, skimming just won't do.

Personal Archives site -  bandcamp

Back From Hurricane Irma

Lost In A Sea Of Sound is a one person project. Headquarters are at the end of a dirt road. During Hurricane Irma, a big pine branch fell on the transformer supplying the end houses on the road. Since the fix would only restore power to a few homes, priority was on the lower side. The communication from the power company to the excellent linemen who traveled here to help was dismal. Ten days of heat and humidity... then a new transformer was installed. After the awesome line crew from North Louisiana fixed the power, the cable company required four more days to get an internet connection established.

Back up now. Have some descriptions of music done. Just need to get those typed in. For anyone that emailed me, i will get to those as well. Thanks for being patient.

Keeping this in perspective... no where near as bad as places in Texas, South Florida and of course Puerto Rico and the eastern Caribbean.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Love Letter - A Very Young Mountain

Millions of sound eddies swirling in a placid and static sea. Each one creating a unique vortex for strange frequencies to be heard. Everything evaporates towards the world above. Notes reverberate from the wings of mechanical humming birds as they siphon the vast array of turbulent wash. An organic infinity pool being drained by the most delicate robotic creations. A yin yang expose of two sonic worlds orbiting each other.

This Love Letter composition arrives without delay, burning full force as it sustains itself just above the surface. A Very Young Mountain is divided into four parts and clocks in right around twenty minutes. Music resembling closely viewed images of the suns surface both rhythmic and chaotic, making a mesmerizing spectacle. Samples of recorded voice are interjected in enough amounts, tethering the turning dial to something understandable. All together these sounds burn through the void of unseen energy collecting unbounded currents in the din of noise. 

Love Letter stays on course with A Very Young Mountain, sounds similar to earlier cassettes on Rok Lok Recores. These two tapes were described on Lost In A Sea Of Sound last year. Here is the link to It Brought Us Something We Had to Know & Gentle Memories if you would like to read and hear more. Both are still available in limited quantities.

 A Very Young Mountain was released in May of this year in an edition of forty.    

Rok Lok Records site - bandcamp - facebook

Anevayblue - Trails

Trails is a tightly woven journey into the consciousness of Kevin McVey. His project Anevayblue maintains feelings of distance and separation. Almost tribal in essence, Trails has a shamanic cantor. Distorted vocals sustained in long lengths, evoke twilight spirits. Anevayblue seems to scorch the sound spectrum, leaving tones outlying the charred remains.

This composition arrives in just about a half hour and is divided into six tracks. The tones and tempo blur through both sides. Songs seem to hiss as these sounds cook under heavy radiation. The haunting vocals recall past existences, like Trails is some deteriorated remnant from eons ago. Kevin sings with a forlorn hope as the music seems to span decades of time. Early punk music rusted, corroded and playing half as fast. This cassette reminded me of a record I purchased back in 2010. The New Zealand Eels with the lp Sunken on Emerald Cocoon. Both Trails and Sunken have stirring vocals and overloaded music. Heavy affairs for loud volumes.

Released on Rok Lok Records in an edition of forty. Trails surfaced in March of this year and copies are currently available. Check the label out for this cassette and other cool stuff.

Rok Lok Records site - bandcamp - facebook
Anevayblue - bandcamp - facebook