Monday, March 19, 2018

Seth Graham - Gasp

Standing on a busy street corner at attention to the intersection of life, sounds and consciousness. Witnessing moments when velocities and decibels barely miss each other, causing a briefly appearing vortex for rhythms and beats to disappear in. Collisions happen frequently, but nothing ever seems to be really damaged. Just a wobbly start from zero to gain speed in a direction of unknown destination. Sometimes the crossroads clear completely for a lumbering noise behemoth to grandiosely make it's way through. The hustle returns as small sounds dodge forceful noises. Listeners are left with a Gasp.

Seth Graham on his second time through the Nomenal Loom label and some where close to three for Orange Milk Records. Gasp is somehow divided into ten tracks, although it is difficult to notice. The sounds are brilliantly crisp and distinct. The feeling while listening is of sheer wonder. A genre-less construct expanding fluidly in all directions. Like the infinite fractals of a kaleidoscope, Seth holds everything by tiny tethers. Once the third and forth listen are achieved, the deeper beauty begins to drive into town. Gasp holds the encyclopedia of sounds, juggling it with a hot cup of espresso and a tape recorder. 

The cool thing is, I am already on my forth listen and the cassette hasn't even been released yet. Noumenal Loom and Orange Milk have every one covered with a Gasp edition of two hundred. These labels have worked together to provide a vibrant outer jacket for the cassette case. Beautiful artwork all the way down to the sounds. To give Gasp a extra nudge, this cassette has already been slung up as album of the day on Bandcamp. They have some good words over there too.


Seth Graham - bandcamp - facebook
Noumenal Loom site - facebook - bandcamp
Orange Milk Records site - facebook - bandcamp

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Q///Q - Serene Answer

Coming up on four years of describing music. Just looked and have never put anything up for Baked Tapes. Have been following the label since getting back into cassettes. Paths now crossed with this excellent label release titled Serene Answer by Q///Q. Some very serious talent with Peter Kris and Quinn Brayton joining creative forces. Going to end this introductory paragraph with a call to action. Grab a copy of Serene Answer from Baked Tapes. There are probably not very many left and would not want you to miss the opportunity with continued reading of descriptive biased thoughts.

Something about these tones just click into place. Maybe it rest in the evolved style from sounds originating in the early eighties. The evolution is a beautiful patience. The need to be the newest, loudest, and most out there is gone. Focusing now on steady raw industrial synth with beats pulled from Fritz Lang's head. Even though Fritz could not formulate the music at the time, these rhythms were there. Vocals spoken like anthems for listeners in a distant future. Sometimes just a conversation or a sample from unknown origin. Everything augmenting and mutating on this aural assembly line of sound. Industrial dub, is that a thing? Peter and Quinn like Sly and Robbie, going into a sonic channeling only they can withstand. Hopefully the task is not too arduous and Q///Q will resurface with more sounds in the future.

As noted, a Baked Tape release from the end of 2017. Cooking time is long for this label and every item gets purchased. Serene Answer is available in a batch with Sug's Only Hidden Once. A project name of Mike Sugarman, another extremely experienced artist with a great companion release for Serene Answer.     

Peter Kris - German Army facebook
Baked Tapes site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter 

DAS - Feinted Haunts

Lost in the sound of unnatural beauty, tones pulling at the threads of consciousness. Like listeners are marionettes, manipulated through dimly lit passageways. DAS has a creative balance between futuristic intrigue and fear of the the unknown. The speakers open like vortexes. Small black singularities emitting melodies with a gravitational force. Thoughts seem to drift in an uncontrolled direction toward the source. Feinted Haunts holds mysteries unwilling to be discovered. Harmony delivered like a pot being stirred.

Over a half our of music divided into six tracks. This is a composition that drives on the sonic edge. To one side, a deep beautiful ambient landscape. Tranquility and beauty together to horizons end. Turn one hundred and eighty degrees and hear sounds from dense flora moving without wind. Fantastic in evolutionary splendor, making it a mortal mistake to venture very close. This is the tone that causes unrest, knowing a slip in this direction will cause the mind to be carried away. DAS has mastered his musical craft and takes listeners on this infinite aural thread.

Released on the Close/Far label from Springfield, Missouri. DAS is also from the same area. In an edition of one hundred. Currently available from the label or the DAS bandcamp page.

DAS - bandcamp
Close/Far site

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Oxherding - Circular Movements In The Sky

Lost in a Sea of Sound had the pleasure to describe Oxherding once before. October of 2016 provided a special self released cassette titled The Past Is Gone and The Future Is Not Here Yet. A sonic spiritual gem receiving nice words from multiple sources, long sold out in physical form. Tonal remnants in digital structure are all that remain. Now, a much awaited return has materialized. This time on the beloved label from Missouri, Dismal Niche. All making sense since both Fitz Hartwig and Dismal Niche both hail from the Cave State.

Circular Movements In The Sky moves by quickly with one track just over ten minutes on each side. Most difficult to discern any separation in parts, this is more of a complete composition divided by the flip of a tape. Sounds are vibrant both in harmonic quality and spiritual fortitude. Organic, as if Fitz has fashioned unique recording equipment to tap the unheard world of natures sonic output. Possibly a method were Fitz channels atmospheric energy, recording in sound the beauty most only see. The methods are a mystery, but the results are pure nourishment for the conscious. With Circular Movements In The Sky emanating from the speakers, the imagination has an aural canvas for thoughts to rest. Oxherding has the special ability to transition from sparseness and solitude to an abundant complexity of the beautiful mysterious world. There are no seems.

Dismal Niche has worked to create Circular Movements In The Sky in an edition of one hundred. Released in January of this year, many copies have found homes already. Do not wait too long, there are many fans of this style of music. How could you not be?

Dismal Niche site - facebook - bandcamp
Oxherding -facebook - bandcamp

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Body Fool - a stranger in a body

Recording devices have been attenuated to gather sounds from both microscopic and macroscopic origins. Both sample fields are rich with foreign fluctuating rhythms in a brief focal time space. The samples were intended to be separately analyzed and examined for signs of sentient existence. Body Fool was hungry for new sound fractals. Consumption was inevitable and the result is a stranger in a body.

This composition is well sustained with over forty minutes across four tracks. There is an interesting divide with the flip of the cassette. Side A rescues an aural world of minute molecular reactions. Electrons can be heard in high velocity orbit around their nucleus and proton counterparts. As atoms collide to form molecules, structural mutations change the rhythmic flow. An absorbing process for any consciousness to process. The flip side expands the sonic landscape. Explorations away from solar clusters into empty galactic expanse. Time becomes a vague meaning to human understanding. The drone of emptiness is filled by focusing on the remnants of solar winds lost in the same lonely distances. A very nice counterweight to the reverse.

Released by Body Fool from Berlin, Germany. The cross folding case cover art was designed by Agata Cardoso. Copies are available from the Body Fool bandcamp page. There are also many digital tracks for continued exploration.

Body Fool - bandcamp

Substrates - Lethean

Words are forgotten, only writing keeps them intact. Music is like this, and recording sounds ads multiple factors to harmonic existence. Substrates has caused a lapse from where the words once were. This EP titled Lethean pulls at the memory of music. References to help categorize are lost, the data banks wiped, only stretches of blank tape in both forward and reverse directions.

Start with only one descriptive word, "abounding" and build from there. Why this word? Because there is not any more to say. Lethean has erased the cache' of pastoral images used for past illustrative efforts. Four tracks in roughly twenty five minutes. Asked again, why only a single adjective? Because this is a really good one, just like the cassette by Substrates. Look up the word and all of it's synonyms. Listen to the EP, or better, order this on cassette or compact disc. The connection is there, and when both tasks are completed, this will all make sense.

Released on both tape and disc by the composer D. Dabek at the start of the year. The striking artwork by Clint Fulkerson. Thanks Substrates! Back on track now to fresh green notes. Copies are available from the bandcamp page.

Substrates site - bandcamp

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

memorygarden禅 - districtアトランティス

The mysteries of music are illuminated by radiance. As depth increases, sounds obscure in either recognition or intention. districtアトランティス has reached fathoms beyond current sound explorations. Ambient density, shrouded in times harmonic delights. Patterns of pop music flickering in the distance, absolute certainty of sonic focal directions left for music scholars to debate.

memorygarden禅 reaches into the profound parts of the consciousness. Places where tones teeter between blissful euphoria and waiting room resonance. districtアトランティス is sustained for well over thirty minutes. Within this duration, thoughts are submerged, held in the buoyancy of cultural sequences. There are certain tracks and moments when the music seems to swirl in a maelstrom of current, loosing intricate patterns, becoming almost unrecognizable. This is the perplexing enigma, creating warmth from start to finish.

Released on Constellation Tatsu in early February of this year. The label has been in a methodical steady production since 2012 and districtアトランティス is numbered as eighty eight in the release catalog. Sure to sell out, once our music understanding gets to the same point.

Constellation Tatsu site - twitter - bandcamp - facebook

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hour - Tiny Houses

Snowflakes fall and the land slowly changes color of it's barrenness. What was once hues of varying shades of brown, now is covered in white. There is a beautiful uniformity to this new frozen blanket. Snow is a condition water molecules assume, and most humans are not readily equipped to fair for long times in total water environments. Listening to Tiny Houses holds these aspects for me. The music is gorgeously uniform from start to finish. Like the snow changing dreary earth tones to vibrant white, Hour takes placid moments and creates a woven harmonic quilt. But somehow i still feel like only a visitor in this aural land.

I think the setting is too intimate, the musicians connecting in some plane of existence only few can really go. Maybe the depth of consciousnesses combing together to create Tiny Houses has room for no more. This is the paradox because while listening to these tracks, you can not help but want to be part of this super chilled process. From the opening track, patience takes hold, providing an earth time natural pace. The interplay between instruments is orchestrated in the most technically casual manner possible. The songs meander on their own course, tones twisted slightly, creating angles from organic roots. The recording device used makes a slight ruckus in the corner, some buzzing static or clunk, trying to join in. Tiny Houses is filled with the perfect amount of ever so slightly off kilter euphony, like a symphony from a wooden music box.

Just released on the label Sleeper Records from Philadelphia. Copies are available from the labels bandcamp page. Hour is a really nice group of musicians, and this composition is perfect for many future listens.

Sleeper Records - facebook - bandcamp

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Brianna Kelly / Sympathy Pain - Split ... pre-release

A Whited Sepulchre Records pre-release split cassette. Brianna Kelly & Sympathy Pain will be the third in the split cassette series from the label. The first tape by braeyden jae​ and ​ant'lrd has only a few copies remaining. The second cassette by Sister Grotto & Tucker Theodore and Planning for Burial, is completely sold out. So get ready for the February 27th release date and pre-order a tape.

Lost in a Sea of Sound will tackle this description when the physical copy arrives.

Whited Sepulchre Records site - twitter - bandcamp - facebook

Dane Rousay - IMP / ENV EP pre-release

On the Colour8 from London, Dane Rousay with the EP titled IMP / ENV. If you have been following Dane, this upcoming release is most likely on the radar. One thing to note, this is a super limited run of twenty cassettes and six 10" lathe cuts. There are only two lathe cuts remaining, and still five days remain before the cassette/digital release date. The lathe cut scheduled for later in March.

Lost in a Sea of Sound will give this release proper attention when it arrives. Just wanted to convey how limited this will be and help give everyone a opportunity to order a copy.

Colour8 - bandcamp - facebook
Dane Rousay site - facebook