Friday, July 21, 2017

Totally Boring - Otherbird

The front porch opening to vistas formed under uncomprehendable amounts of time. Rusty wind chimes collecting unseen movements of air. Totally Boring sounds are filled with depth, a temporal richness. Like the warm fire pushing out against the chill of the dark night. An energized undercurrent of drone with mists of harmonies steaming up through cracks and crevasses.

Otherbird is four tracks just under twenty five minutes. The composition is seamlessly congruent making one complete listening experience in it's unfolding. Tethered to organic earth, using avion sounds perched on echoing strings. Somehow Otherbird captures feelings with inviting comfort. More for sitting and dreaming rather than social gregariousness. Touches of banjo root this to folklore and foothills. A weathered and warm gem. Mesmerizing in patient laziness, stimulating the minds imagination.

Otherbird was released in late March on Already Dead Tapes and Records. This cassette is in an edition of sixty and is currently available from Already Dead. Totally Boring is a pillar for majestic ambience in the label's catalog.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Totally Boring - facebook - bandcamp

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Somnoroase Păsărele ‎– PATRU

Energy is all around us. So much... saturating articles we do not readily expect. Like a rock, chair, book or wall, objects most deem as inanimate. Within these dormant bodies, vibrations of past times are stored. Somnoroase Păsărele has forged the key to unlock these hidden and forgotten fluxes of undulating molecules, infusing unheard vibrancy with their exquisite refined charm.

Looking through an old photo album, pictures of past lives fill every page. Some with smiles on their faces or looks of surprise, others perturbed for some reason, the expressions are infinite. From this frozen glimpse it must be inferred the mood of the occasion. Each person carries their own melodies through life. The picture is only superficial portrayal of the moment it is taken. On PATRU, Somnoroase Păsărele channels the inner harmonies of the spiritual flow embedded within the photograph. The connection with this medium is not completely understood, only Somnoroase Păsărele finds these threads, in turn producing grooves crossing the haunting edges of our dimension. PATRU is a release of collected passions and turmoils, an aural field utilizing a unheard magnitude in its construct. Here sounds flow as easily backwards as forwards. There is an alien beauty listeners can only appreciate by trying not to fathom the creative mesh conceiving them. Superb musical quality hanging the axe on the well worn nail. Frequently removed and sharpened for both destruction and creation. Somnoroase Păsărele fells the conventional and rebuilds the unimaginable. Beautiful through every listen, PATRU is another great place to rest in.

Released on Czaszka Records in an edition of forty copies. Unfortunately this has sold out. This Edinburgh label has three new releases for July making sixteen total. Many earlier releases are sold out like PATRU. Keep an ear on Czaszka for obscure and cool sounds from the fringe.
Somnoroase Păsărele has a very new cassette release on the sweet Portland label Never Anything Records. DEMO was released in July and is currently available.

There are two copies of PATRU on discogs if interested in the physical.

Somnoroase Păsărele - facebook - soundcloud
czaszka (rec.) site - bandcamp - facebook 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dotson - Indifference

Electric static forms a sphere with slow increasing rotation. The power heard and articulated like an engine firing after multiple tries. Consciousness, talent and experience combining to spark potential horsepower into creative speed. As these tracks form and start to purr, the listener is rewarded with the positive sounds of grooved out contrasting dimensions combining.

Dotson pushes the imaginative thresholds of rhythm and scope. When first listening to Indifference, thinking futuristic dub tied in with the first track "Reification". This became a narrow minded assessment as the following tracks unfolded. Indifference is a meteor storm of debris, chaotic in approach as these sounds burn through the atmosphere. Larger clusters of melodies exploding with a choreographed assault. There is a deep underlying current of a tightly woven electronic notes, being pummeled by beats high above. Dotson utilizes the world as the recording canvass. Hints of influence from Gamelan and Japanese resonance flicker with a Motown smoothness of groove. A slightly haunting feeling follows though the course of Indifference. This obviously rest with an creative imagination foreign to the path most take.

Released this year on Already Dead Tapes and Records in an edition of one hundred. This is the third release for Dotson on Already Dead.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Dotson - bandcamp - facebook

Thursday, July 6, 2017

KP & ME - Sex Cells

The bass player for KP & ME is a freakin' bad ass. In perfect timing with the driving percussion, anything could be played with this and it would sound incredible. Fortunately the dueling vocals and the subtle effects choices make Sex Cells explode with unprotected delight.

A full throttle ride over ten songs in twenty minutes. Mostly one word song titles like "Hamster", "Candy" and "Olive". Disguising the crafty imagination behind simple play bills. Starting with a dizzying bass and drum groove, fast like punk, but more reminiscent of unfiltered early eighties new wave. Filled with raw and unprocessed head nodding rhythms played at red lining decibels.

Sex Cells is an excellent tape, but seeing KP & ME live might be the best treat. With fluid diversity to go acoustic on the song "Johnny" using only vocals and banjo, KP & ME live in the world of experience and talent. For as forceful as Sex Cells comes across, the sounds have a reserved grandeur.
As if they have cured and aged over time. I was reminded of the band The Membranes, eighties roots, skilled and controlled skewed punk fun. KP & ME is refreshing like that.

Sex Cells was released at the end of last year on Crush Grove Records and Sound Workshop. KP & ME are from Bloomington, Indiana and have tapes available on their band camp page.

KP & ME - bandcamp - facebook
Crush Grove Records - bandcamp

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tereshkova - Dream Automaton

In the distance, on that planet orbiting it's star, take refuge or rest. The emptiness surrounding everything is pierced by simultaneously enchanting and haunting rhythms. Precise frequency manipulation floating between the physical and ethereal. Drawing out your interest with the challenge of discovering their beauty.

Dream Automaton is eleven tracks just around on hour in length. A sonic play radiating all forms of beats fused in their ambient embryonic fluid. Tiny individualized compositions woven together with sonic strands. The effect is a majestic tapestry, dense and lush, stories of hope and despair merging together. Electronic whimsy in a yin & yang circle with surrounding hallucinations. Tereshkova hangs emotion and heart from timeless undulating signals. Like filaments of sparkling light connecting bright days and dark nights. Sounds for twilight and the new characters it brings.

This is the second write of for Tereshkova on Lost In a Sea of Sound. The first was at the beginning of 2016 for the release Golden Tomgirl on Never Anything Records.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records in an edition of sixty. Tereshkova and Already Dead have worked together before. This might be the reason for only ten cassettes remaining for Dream Automaton. Fog and Other Memories and Bouquet Slush were the previous releases on Already Dead. Both are sold out.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Miserable Kids Club - Turn That Smile Side​-​Up Down

Not sure how to describe Miserable Kids Club? The best place to start is realizing many people have emotions and feelings that need to be conveyed. There are a variety of methods inner expressions can take to formulate outside the spirit, and in this instance music is the chosen venue. Exuberance is like the elusive dog you want to pet. There with a panting smile but wary of contact. Unlike joyfulness, turmoil is sharp and pierces through social constructs with direct ease. Unhappy or painful energy rises and saturates the core. This is Miserable Kids Club, providing sentiment from both sides of the scale. You can experience this fervour on the cassette Turn That Smile Side​-​Up Down.

Simple rhythms overlaid with spoken word stories. These erupt occasionally to raw outbursts of hurt. Speech fluctuating to song at times, and a few vocals resembling a loose rap style. There is a lot here to digest. Fourteen songs just under one half hour. The general mood, contempt and disdain for life. But beneath this, in order for passion to surface, pumps a heart full of love. Battered and beating loudly, strongly and gaining musical momentum. Imagination and creativity are not stiffed by either well being or sorrow. Only transformed to reflect what the heart wants to say.

Self released from Australia by Miserable Kids Club in an edition of ten cassettes. Five copies remaining according to the bandcamp ticker.

Miserable Kids Club - facebook - bandcamp

Friday, June 30, 2017

BBJR - Decelebrate

Bob Bucko Junior is like a sound farmer. Planting seeds across multiple labels and delivering a plethora of musical styles and variations. On Decelebrate, the mission is clearly cultivation on external planets. Air and gravity and different mixtures, producing both sinuous and beautiful specimens of sound.

Seven tracks energized by BBJR radiation. Amazingly slow and patient developmental growth. The beats coarse with speeds of reptilian vascular systems. Each track sprouting new foliage and transforming into advanced life. Bob Bucko JR uses voice throughout, a mesmerizing tone and timber developed for organic stimulus.

Have you ever seen the eighties movie Flash Gordon? For a few seconds when Decelebrate kicks in, the soundtrack came to mind. BBJR channeling Queen in some metamorphed equation! Some of the effects are similar...

This is an interesting composition by BBJR. Some how orbiting in the distant reaches of pop. Shorter tracks maintaining a congruent flow through the entirety of the tape. If you have not taken root with Bob Bucko JR before, this is a superb place to begin.

Quantifying the solid build of Decelebrate is the fact of being on Already Dead Tapes and Records. In an edition of sixty and now down to only two remaining as this is written. Be quick cause these are on the way out.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Bob Bucko JR - bandcamp - facebook 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Complainer - Floodplain

A blur of punk music. Fast paced drums, seemingly beyond human speeds. Guitar chopping away at serenity with massive amplified riffs. Vocals reminiscent of some hybrid mix between early Bad Brains and angular Pylon.

Floodplain is a timeless effort in the realm of simple raw energy. There is a tenacious preciseness cementing these eight tracks, like both strings and percussion are being conducted by some unknown mathematical equation. Complainer constantly pours sounds out, the mind overflowing with a spilling brim of notes.

Mabel Suen and Joe Hess are the musicians making up Complainer. Together their sound is a double espresso with two scoops of ceremonial Matcha whisked in before consumption. Decibel destruction of the inner cortex as the perennial mosh pit wails on the soul. Be ready when pressing play on this cassette, there will be no rest.

Floodplain was released on Already Dead Tapes and Records. Tapes made in an edition of one hundred. This is their debut album and unfortunately for cassette fans who did not purchase Floodplain, this one sold out. Fortunately, this composition can be heard and purchased digitally from Already Dead and if you live in the St. Louis area, you can see this band live.    

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Complainer - facebook

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

alex keller and sean o'neill - kruos

The droning loneliness the spirit feels when separated from those we love. Commotion, like rounds of artillery being discharged in the slowly approaching distance. In order to quell the clarity of fear the mind assembles, the place and time become oddly peaceful. As if the experience is bestowed on one participant, one listener. Billions of souls living together hear only fragments and dismiss any relevancy. An audio odyssey entwined with depth and darkness, uniquely appreciated by those generating their own tranquility. 

Alex Keller and Sean O'Neill combine consciousnesses, delivering unfamiliar energy in an all consuming harmonious surge. Together, mining the currents of cosmic singularities. The final sounds escaping gravitational slide, as both everything and nothing are compressed into unknown space. Kruos requires your attention! Once this condition is met, your thoughts will be embraced by an undiscovered beauty. In this unilluminated aural space, the listener is granted an understanding of polarity. The end is also the origination. Pressure and darkness at ocean depths creates its own wondrous world. Kruos has achieved this in sonic stature. Gone so far into remoteness and unveiled sounds entirely new. The last bit of the composition reels back the exploration. The cumbersome clanging of the slow recoil. Eventually back to the world we know. 

Kruos is released by the excellent label Elevator Bath from Austin Texas. On clear vinyl and in an edition of two hundred and fifty. The artwork in vibrant gray scale on heavy jackets. Posters included while supplies are there. Every detail for this Elevator Bath heavy is meticulously crafted with love for sound. The tones within are reflections of this.  

In pre-order stage. Physical copies will be available on July 7th. 

elevator bath site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Rats Mouth - Bad Grammar

Cool f'n band, i like them! You got the sweet label and now a little press. Have not checked out your facebook or the cool threads you may or may not be styling. Your swirling punk, metal, pop drives effortlessly as thoughts of jangled tunes cycle in cadence with every flip of the cassette.

The beauty of Rats Mouth's tape Bad Grammer is exemplified by the last track "I'll Be Your Mirror", a Velvet Underground song from 1967. Such a great choice as a cover song by Rats Mouth because this new rendition is so sincere, upholding the original with acoustic esteem. But "I'll Be Your Mirror" is more, Bad Grammar is a mirror of itself, making the VU cover deeply resonate. Starting with the opening track "Snoozer", the metal infused intro, the songs are all redone as acoustic versions on the reverse side of the tape. So far from redundant, more exposing how and where the talent generates from. Rats Mouth is playful with a plate full of wit. "Cool Rock Band" is that really what you want? Sounds like Bad Grammar made it happen doing exactly what was fun. No concern, only a casual and delightful approach. Alternating song perspectives make this quick listen infectious.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records at the end of March. One hundred editions made. Available from Already Dead's bandcamp page. Thank you Spencer and everyone for a great cassette to start the summer with.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Rats Mouth - bandcamp - facebook

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Dane Rousay - blip

How to describe a composition made almost entirely of percussive sounds? Something for music scholars or expert drummers maybe? Dane Rousay emerges from another dimension and leaves the door open. Billowing through come rhythms disguised as physic chaos. Tranquility disturbed, transformed into an organic pulsating spectrum of a tumbling consciousness.

Blip is eight vignettes just under thirty minutes. The pace or tempo throughout the entire composition maintains a fairly wholesome steadiness. A quality much appreciated since this free form expose' needs a solid binding agent. Raw and undefined push at the ears straight away, but once these beats and blips coagulate together the skilled talent becomes more understood. Dane seems to have the slightest native sprinkle of Gamelan influence, maybe attributed to the organic foundations or choice of varying agents of metal and glass. Some sounds bounce along in rhythmic dance while others are dragged through and over the aural landscape. Blip is many sound samples from a mind with high vibrations resting outside of the body. Listeners will need "clear" minds in order to absorb the depth of blip.

Released in April of this year. The first batch sold out quickly. There is a second pressing of fifty and these are available from Dane's bandcamp page. Another connection is with Already Dead Records & Tapes. Dane plays percussion and electronics for The Freebiez, who have a brand new split cassette with More Eaze on Already Dead. This is still in the pre-order stage.

Dane Rousay site - bandcamp - facebook

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cop Funeral – Part Time Pay / Paid Vacation

An intense call for all the drone heads out there to wake up, nappy time is over. Cop Funeral funnels red lining hypertensive industrial fluids through the consciousness. Sound waves forced through mental membranes with expertly guided creativity. The body's resting equilibrium punched aside as these new rhythms travel against the gradient.

Part Time Pay / Paid Vacation is the third proper release by Cop Funeral. This composition cycles through violent upheavals and placid static wash. Divided by the flip of the tape this Cop Funeral release is two EPs.

The first side, Part Time Pay is a staggeringly high mountain range of sound. The crossing is beautiful and extremely rugged at times. Altitudes beyond the troposphere, where the sound of space can be heard. The beauty exposed as the listener chooses the path more than once.

On the reverse, Paid Vacation grounds the foray. Moving under the crust of the Earth, where densities and temperatures vary. A vibrantly constructed decent, tones escaping through cramped molecules. Electric, industrial and rooted to the consciousness by some unknown organic medium. More introspective than Part Time Pay, patient in it's reveal.

Released just recently 1980 Records. Not sure how many, but am positive this cassette will test speaker thresholds. A little while back posted another description for 2 STRESSED 2B BLESSED by Cop Funeral. This is on Already Dead Tapes & Records and is available as well.